Private Coaching with Jamie Davidson

As we walk this path of reclamation, sometimes the greatest gift we can receive is to be in the presence of someone who remembers the way. Jamie's role, on a surface level, is that of a coach. She works one-on-one with women and in groups to coach people from their current state of existence into, or closer to, a desired state or goal. On a deeper level, she is a midwife of the soul, a vision holder, and a truth seer. She works with her clients to shine her unique brand of light on the path ahead and remind you that you already knew the way. Jamie is able to artfully meet you in the chaos and confusion and show you the brilliant, crystal clear version of yourself that you have simply forgotten... and once you see her, you can't unknow her. It takes practice not to bury her in old patterns and the day to day numbing of a life not chosen. And, like a coach that helped you lift a heavy weight when you are not strong enough on your own, she will remind you... again and again, until, one day, you are her. 

Coaching with Jamie is for you if: 

  • You are ready and motivated to make a shift - either internal, external or both.
  • You want more and sense that there is something else out there for you.
  • You have space and commitment in your life for new practices and tools.
  • You have completed Vital Mind Reset or have your own solid healthy lifestyle foundation.
  • You are familiar with the concept of victim consciousness and interested in illuminating it within yourself.
  • You believe that everything is here for you and are willing to feel uncomfortable in order to get free.
  • You are ready to look at dynamics in your life where you are stuck and see them with a new lens. You are ready to shape-shift your experience of life.  

Working with Jamie

3-Month Container 


  • Exploratory call (30 minutes) to establish intention and fit.
  • Two 75-minute coaching calls per month (a total of 7 calls).
  • Ongoing text/voice support on an app, response M-F within 48 hours, messages under 10 min to keep the thread active and move through individual energies. Jamie can support you in getting comfortable with this essential form of support.

In your time together you will:

  •  Create a vision for your life that lights you up. 
  •  Call in a community of friends who truly get you and uplift you.
  •  Embody practices that deepen your self love and pleasure. 
  •  Create more alignment in your relationships, work and money.
  •  Navigate stress, symptoms and conflict with greater ease.
  •  Step into your joy by making time for your hobbies and passions.
  •  Ultimately, learn how to ask for what you want and trust your intuition and inner guidance system.

**Please note that coaching with Jamie is not a medical consultation or treatment. We are not able to provide receipts appropriate for insurance.


About Jamie

I have worked with Dr. Kelly Brogan for five years in a unique mentorship, learning from her path as an awakened psychiatrist and conscious creator. I have led her communities toward self ownership, health and spiritual reclamation through circles and coaching. I have supported thousands in the reclamation of superpowers once called ‘illness.’ My unique lens as a patient and as a leader within Kelly’s spaces, paired with my gift of mirroring one's highest possibility, allows me to shepherd women into the life that they came here for. Today I live in Costa Rica with my husband and two young children.

A Blessing From Dr. Kelly Brogan

There is no greater truth detector than the human heart. When it is attuned, clear, and anchored in a healthy body, we can navigate the complexities of experience with our own inner compass. So how to access that? Jamie knows the way.

Our multi-year partnership grew out of her humble story of radical transformation, and I have had the privilege of not only bearing witness to the unique and powerful ways that she holds space for others, but also of being supported by her unfailing honesty, intuitive guidance, and fierce commitment to walking the walk of self-ownership.

If there were hands reaching out to me in the dark night, I’d want them to be Jamie’s. - KB