A Smart Phone for Freedom Fighters

above phone

Ramiro is an awakened software engineer who has dedicated himself to helping you take back your tech.

He is the founder of my latest phone exploration - Above Phone.

If you have concerns about the commodification of data, tracking, tracing, and supporting technocratic monopolies, this is an incredible option.

If you are a truth-seeker, odds are you are communicating material that does not conform to the dominant ideology. With this level of track and trace, you may be shut down, locked out, or otherwise relegated to non-participation based on the monitoring and review of your communications.


How to be free of big tech and also retain conveniences?

Enter the Above Phone, a de-googled smartphone alternative! 

  • Choose your apps (something not possible on conventional phones)
  • Protect your data
  • Protect your sovereign choices and digital cancellation/censorship/shutdown if you don’t comply with dominant narratives
  • Use “naughty” apps like Instagram, Gmail, and Uber on a phone within the phone
  • Above Phone privacy suite that gives you a VPN, private email, search engine, encrypted chat, voice, & video calls. They’ve also upgraded this year to include a new calendar service and an anonymous internet phone number.

We are collaborating with Above Phone to help everyone get up to speed and provide them with the support that they need. When you get one of these phones, everything is made as simple as possible to have things running out of the box. Just plug your cell service in and go (or use it with WiFi only).

Every truth-seeking, sovereignty-oriented smartphone user needs to give this a try, if not just to reclaim your power of choice!

Check out my convo with Ramiro and a demo of the phone!


PS: It won’t be hard to make the switch. They provide a free 30-minute live setup call. A team of freedom-minded technologists are ready to support you, with 24/7 live email & chat support, and free knowledgebase.

Get your Above Phone before 11/28 and taste a new level of sovereign reclamation!

PPS: amazingly, my monthly mobile bill for my Above Phone is $35 for unlimited data, through the carrier Ramiro recommends 🤑



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