To the lone wolves, free-thinkers, spirited seekers, dot-connectors and openhearted compassionate caregivers – find YOUR sacred space inside:


The only freedom-focused online membership of its kind. Inspired by the history-making program Vital Mind Reset + new game-changing insights into sovereignty, health & wellbeing, and awakened consumerism. Designed to help you achieve full-spectrum vitality as you step into your most vital life – body, mind, and soul.

With Kelly Brogan, MD

If you’ve been feeling disconnected

→ It's by design. 

Many of us have lost friends, been gaslit, canceled, unnecessarily called out, or just uncomfortably aware of what is missing in our social lives.

Vital Life Project was created when so many of us lost connection. We didn't have spaces where we could speak out without feeling attacked. 

When communities come together, magnificent things happen. We generate a field of joy and healing that wouldn't otherwise be possible. 

Now's your moment to reclaim a self directed life with people who are ready to walk with you. 



“VLP has been a safe haven of sorts for me over the last year. I have found it to be a space of solace amidst what feels like the rocky terrain of today's world. When I step into a VLP circle, group chat, or live meetup, I can take a deep breath and remember that I am among like-minds who will support and encourage my growth and exploration. This allows me to feel like I'm not alone in my journey.” 

– Sunny

We aren’t meant to walk the health reclamation path alone. 

Now you don't have to.

Discover the Vital Life Project Deets

Here's what you get on the inside:



💖Monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Jamie. A safe space to connect face-to-face in real time and lean on your community for support as you walk the path of reclamation.

💖Quarterly Reclamation Real Talks led by Kelly. Go deep on exciting & essential topics from health reclamation to self sovereignty. 

💖Bi-monthly women’s and men’s circles led by Jamie Davidson and community member Aran Goldstein. Sink into what's true, what's not working, say the unsaid thing in a resonant field.

💖Sovereignty Series. A living library sovereignty resources you won't find anywhere else. You'll get access to two new lessons each month.

💖Insider Pricing to all of Kelly's Brogan’s offerings. Get first dibs and first looks for all of our holistic programming. 


💖Kelly's Library of health hacks, embodiment exercises, meditations, downloadable guides, worksheets, and assessments you can use to jumpstart (or amplify) your healing.

💖Recorded Masterclasses with Kelly. Including: "Take Back Your Power," "Daily Detox Rituals," and "Heavily Meditated"

💖The Mini Resets. Week-long resets curated to bring about a year’s worth of dramatic shifts from minimal commitment.

💖Vital Life Musings. Kelly candidly shares her most timely insights, thoughts, tips, and explorations not shared elsewhere in this video collection.

💖Member Marketplace that provides an outlet for members to get to know one another and share their offerings and services.


Come walk on the the wild side with us, Sovereignty Seeker:

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Topics Covered

During our Reclamation Real Talks, Musings, and Masterclasses, we cover topics like:

✨Medical sovereignty, emancipation from oppressive systems, outer exploration and free thinking

✨Radical self-care, game-changing health hacks, & natural living 

✨Homesteading, awakened consumerism, gardening, cultivating community, nurturing the earth

✨Victim consciousness versus empowerment 

✨Creative expression & fulfillment (from vocal reclamation to gardening)

✨Reclaiming parts of our Selves, family constellations, and the Jungian individuation process (aka hero’s journey)

✨ And so much more…

I am just now getting into all the content and I love it! The variety of topics and the multi-pronged approach to overall health is so unique and supportive.

I like the musings - short videos that I can watch anytime. I love the challenges, so great in aid of forming healthier habits. I love all of it.

 I love the musings from Kelly—this was how I was first introduced to her work. It came at the perfect time, and listening to the whole library of musings  is one of the ways I have done a lot of healing during this year. It has felt so supportive to have someone who I respect reflecting back to me that I am not the only one with the points of view and values I have, and helping me to heal my victim consciousness.

“Listening to the masterclass as I was puttering around the house and the 9 minute mark stopped me dead in my tracks. Instant resonation and connection. I believe I finally found my tribe.” – Terri



“I’m overflowing with gratitude to all of you who have made this a safe place to share our most vulnerable selves. There is something going on here that feeds the spirit. Hard to put into words, but wonderful to feel.” – Lisa

“As a previous ‘lone wolf’, truly reaching out is something of a challenge. Thanks Dr. Brogan and team, and fellow VLP members, for making this space where vulnerability, curiosity, courage and honesty exist in abundance.” – Linda


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Exclusive access to our Private Circle Community

Reclamation Real Talks with Kelly 

Monthly Coaching Calls with Jamie

Bi-monthly LIVE women and men's circles.

Insider Perks

A massive content library of masterclasses, musings, holistic resources to empower your whole life, with new content being added every month. 


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Meet Your Mentors

Kelly Brogan, MD 👋

Here on a quest to help you shed your struggle, choose Your Self, and experience the specific pleasure of who you are., My commitment is to lead you to your greatest empowerment — through an intelligent concoction of personal guidance, resources, and community.

I’m a holistic psychiatrist, New York Times bestselling author, reclamation queen, pole-dance enthusiast, and recovering renegade activist seeking to debunk big pharma in the pursuit of body sovereignty. 

In my psychiatric practice, I specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms. After years of being immersed in allopathic medicine, I spent a decade on the inside of – and witnessed the myriad ways it keeps folks stuck in the struggle of victim consciousness. 

Truth be told, every human holds the key to their own health and vitality. But there’s a  dominating narrative, (which claims you’re a broken victim) that keeps you standing in your own way. 

Because when you believe you’re inherently broken, you buy into the idea that you need someone or something out there to come to your rescue. And so the victim triangle continues…

I’m here to help you move beyond the fear of your own symptoms and into curiosity, critical thinking, and intuitive action.

When you reclaim your body’s inherent wisdom and truly trust your own navigation, you can start to delight in your life in the most incredibly powerful way.  

Whether you’re ready to make some radical shifts to your health, or simply deepen your sense of self-confidence and self-love, you are held here and deeply supported. 

There’s way more live access to me inside VLP than anywhere else because it's where I love to hang out – on live calls in the energy of our wolf pack. Can't wait to see you on the inside!

Together we can get real, get well and get free. 🖤🔥

Jamie Davidson 👋

For over five years, I’ve had the honor of working directly with Kelly in a unique mentorship. I assisted her in the creation of Vital Life Project and have supported thousands in their return to self-ownership, health, and spiritual reclamation through our circles and coaching. 

My journey from patient to VLP Community Manager, paired with a gift for mirroring the highest possibility in others, allows me to shepherd people into the life they came here to live.

Have you ever been told that your struggles are a “problem to be fixed?" Carrying burdens that are too heavy to lift is a feeling I know well, but you can be free of that weight. Digging into the shadows, not running from or numbing them, is where we find our freedom. 

I’ve personally stood at the crossroads and stared down the path of disconnection and fear. Finding Dr. Kelly Brogan and her work was a lifeline back to myself. Now I’m committed to serving as a guide for others seeking the same liberation.

I hope you consider joining us and giving yourself the gift of this warm-hearted community!

The circles with Jamie have been grounding and nourishing and I so appreciate her fire and authenticity and realness

Jamie is an excellent leader- I also enjoy the circles and Kelly's musings.

I feel less alone and less 'crazy.' I cried tears of joy after the last Circle with Jamie because I felt so connected

Questions asked by Vital Lifers before joining our wolf-pack of incredible, empowered, holistic-minded humans